Dahlia Cactus 'Alfred Grille' (1 Tuber)

Large, long - lasting flowers on upright stems with a very long flowering period through the summer months. 

✓ Long and thin petals which curl backwards at the end creating a striking, spiky effect

✓ Vibrant colours

✓ Flowers July - October 

✓ Full Sun

✓ You will receive 1 Tuber

✓ Dahlia tubers can be planted outside after frost, or they can be started off in pots in heated greenhouses in Winter/Early Spring. After flowering, lift and clean the tubers once the first frost has blackened the foliage. Store in a frost free place until Spring.  

✓ Size 1

✓ Planting Date Jan-May 

✓ Distance 60cm

✓ Depth 10cm

✓ Flowers July-Nov

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