Ornamental Flowering Cherry Blossom Shrub - ‘Briljant’

This Japanese Alpine Cherry Shrub is covered in light pink, almost white flowers in the spring time. This shrub is perfect for smaller gardens or planted in containers, where you want spring blossom but you may be short of space. This shrub is suitable for low temperatures which is why they're able to provide beautiful showy blooms earlier on in the season!

✓ Hardy shrub which produces a mass of blossom year after year

✓ Once the blossom has fallen, the leaves emerge brown and slowly change to green. The foliage changes to deep red before the leaves fall in autumn

✓ Colour year after year

✓ Eventual height and spread 200cm x 200cm 

✓ Plant in Full Sun 

✓ Plant in well drained soil

✓ Supplied in a growers pot which has a width of 16cm, height including pot 40-50cm 


Provide a good sized pot for your blossom tree, making sure your pot has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Flowering cherries grow best in Ericaceous soil so be sure to add plenty of this in your container. Once planted you must water regularly, especially for their first year to establish their roots within the soil.

Please note that our image is for illustrative purpose only, depending on the time of year the plant may vary.    


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