Carex testacea 'Prairie Fire' Grass 2L

A fabulous addition to containers and mixed borders, this beautiful sedge forms a dense mound of orange-green foliage, which in the summer time is topped with flower spikes that become taller as the season progresses. This grass is invaluable for adding warmth and colour to the garden throughout the winter months as its olive green leaves are tipped with bright orange highlights. Beautiful warm colour all year round. 

✓ When planted in full sun the deep orange colour intensifies
✓ Plant in well drained soil in Full Sun or Partial Shade
✓ Ideal for adding warm colour throughout the autumn and winter months
✓ Supplied in a 2Lgrowers pot
✓ Ideal in the middle of a border and in containers
✓ Height and spread 50cm
✓ Hardy

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