Broom Cytisus 'Racemosus' On Stem 50cm

Broom Cytisus 'Racemosus' is a brilliant plant which produces a mass of golden, bright yellow fragrant blooms in early spring.

✓Pea like blooms which produce a delightful fragrance. We recommend positioning this plant somewhere where the fragrance can be admired, for example in a pot next to your favourite spot on the patio! 

✓ Ideal for growing in a container  

Sun loving plant

Allow the soil to dry out slightly inbetween watering 

✓ Semi evergreen tree

✓ Hardy

Ideal for growing in containers

✓ Can grow to an eventual height of 1.2m

✓The blooms are very attractive to pollinating insects 

Supplied at a height of 50-60cm including 2L growers pot 

✓ Plant in Full Sun in well drained soil     

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