Berberis atropurpureum - Purple Barberry (10 Plants)

Attractive compact red/purple foliage through Spring and Summer gives way to an intense orange/red in Autumn. Clusters of small hanging red/white cup shaped flowers in Spring produce bright red oval-shaped fruits. 

✓ Deciduous

✓ 10 plants in this pot

✓ Red/Purple foliage in Spring/Summer

✓ Orange in Autumn

✓ Requires Full Sun

✓ Supplied in a 4L growers pot

✓ Already at a height of 70-80cm

More information
Supplied in a 4L growers pot

Ideal for hedging when planted 2.6ft apart in a single line. 


Soak the rootball before planting. Plant in a hole twice the diameter of the rootball or pot. Mix an organic soil impoover and general fertilizer with the infill soil. Water regularly until established.

More information: 
This shrub is deciduous, this means that it will lose all of its leaves in autumn and fresh new growth will appear in the spring. It is recommended to feed the plants in late spring either by applying compost around the base of the plant or using a liquid feed. 
Remove any damaged branches in winter.  


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