Azalea 'Hotshot' 2L

Azaleas are wonderful evergreen shrubs, they are loved by gardeners for their evergreen leaves which add structure to your garden displays all year round along with the abundance of blooms they provide around the month of May.

✓  Variegated foliage
✓ Produce a mass of vibrant red flowers year after year
✓ Smothered with red flowers from April - May
✓ Evergreen foliage 
✓ Supplied in a 2L growers pot, height including pot 30-35cm
✓ Once established this plant is very low maintenance 
✓ Azaleas are best planted in acidic soil (ericaceous compost)
✓ Best positioned in partial shade. Can cope with the sun if you ensure the soil is reasonably moist
✓ Can be planted in containers.



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