Agapanthus 'Africanus' - African Lily (Lost Label)

These Agapanthus are in our sale at a heavily reduced rate as they are sold as Lost Label. Some plants will still have their labels and some will not. 

These beautiful Agapanthus are definitely a firm favourite of ours. They produce globes of flowers above lush green foliage making fabulous statements within garden displays.

✓ Large globes of delicate white flowers above lush green foliage 
✓ The tall stems add architectural structure to garden displays 
✓ Long flowering period a
✓ Plant in Full Sun. Ideal in containers or beds and borders
✓  Agapanthus will produce more flowers in their roots are constricted 
✓ Plant in moist, well drained soil. John Innes no 2 is recommended. 
✓ As these plants are sold as lost label heights can vary between 60cm - 120cm

Supplied in a 3L/5L growers pot  

More information
This perennial is semi-evergreen, this means that it may lose some or all of its leaves in the winter if it is in a particularly colder region or a more exposed garden. Fresh new growth will appear in the spring. Agapanthus produce more flowers when their roots are constricted. In colder areas, you should protect the crowns of the plants from hard frosts. Harmful to human and pets if eaten

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