3 x Trailing Petunias (3 x 9cm Pots)

Petunias are ideal for adding a cascade of colour to your hanging baskets, window boxes, containers and troughs throughout the summer months. They produce an abundance of large vibrant blooms on trailing stems. Plant in a sunny position in well drained soil. Ensure that you deadhead spent blooms to encourage new growth.    

✓ Trailing blooms which can reach up to 90cm!

✓ Creates a cascade of summer colour 

✓ Fast growing

✓ Trumpet shaped blooms 

✓ Plant in Full Sun

✓ Plant in well drained soil

✓ Deadhead spent blooms to encourage new growth

✓ You will receive 3 x 9cm Growers Pots. Images are for illustrative purposes only. You will receive a mix of 3 different coloured petunias, the colours you may receive include but are not limited to: Red, Yellow, Pink, White, Purple and bi-coloured. 

You MUST protect from frost   

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