5ft Potted Cherry Laurel Hedging (130-150cm) (Multibuy Offers Available)

Prunus laurocerasus 'Rotundifolia', commonly known as the Cherry Laurel, is the most popular planted hedging that there is here in the UK. It's very easy to grow and maintain, known for their large glossy leaves, but they can also provide small, white, fragrant blooms in the spring followed by 'Cherry-like' red fruits that later turn black. A fast growing hedge plant, they reach their ultimate height of 4-8 metres in 5-10 years with a spread of 2.5-4 metres.

✓ Grow approx 30-60cm per year
Laurels grow approximately 30-60cm per year
✓ We recommend planting 1-2ft apart to form a dense hedge
✓ Evergreen
✓ Low maintenance
✓ Plant in Full Sun or Partial Shade
✓ Glossy, evergreen foliage 
✓ All year round interest 
✓ Hardy
✓ Well drained soil
✓ Supplied in a growers pot which has a width of 22cm. Height including the growers pot 1.3-1.5m


When you've planted your hedge plants, they'll need regular watering throughout the months of March to October, where we recommend to water every two days if your hedge is in positioned in full sun, every four days if your hedge is positioned in part shade and every 6 days if your hedge is in the shade and holds more water. October/November are the preferred months to plant hedges for many so their hedge requires less watering and roots will establish over the Autumn/Winter period but they can be planted all year round.


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30+ Plants = 15% OFF

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