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If you’re hoping to have a garden in bloom this summer, then now’s the ideal time to plant your summer flowering bulbs. From Freesias, Begonias, Lilies, and Gladioli, there’s a wide range of summer flowering plants to choose from.

In our latest blog we will explore the best flowering summer bulbs to plant this spring with our expert tips and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your garden this year!


Adding height, colour and dimension to your summer garden

With a great range of summer flowers to choose from, you can add a variety of beautiful colours, and displays, as well as height and dimension to your garden. For example, Gladioli can grow high and offer a display of beautiful summer colours, while Sweet Peas, and their many varieties supply your garden with a delicious summer scent.


How to prepare your soil for summer flowering bulbs

One of the first things to consider when flowering your summer plants is the texture, consistency and quality of your garden’s soil. Unlike bulbs planted in winter, your summer flowering bulbs are often more vulnerable and require a soil that is softer in consistency, looser and well-drained. We would recommend using a garden trowel to dig over areas, to revive your soil, but also use compost in areas where you may struggle with denser, clay soil or parts of your garden that have poor drainage.


Planting summer flowering bulbs in planters or containers

Another great thing about summer flowering bulbs is that they can be planted around your garden in different ways. From elevating your borders to introducing a range of planters and containers, even the smallest of gardens can enjoy the blooms of summer with a few hanging baskets! 

One thing to remember when planting summer bulbs in containers is to provide them with a good level of drainage. Various materials and additional components can be added to a pot or container to ensure a good level of drainage. We suggest compost, or materials like perlite, or a coarse type of sand.


Summer flowering bulbs we love

Something we love about British summertime is the awakening of gardens across the nation. At One Click Plants we are most definitely excited to see our customers’ gardens come to life, blooming with a beautiful array of flowers, plants, and shrubs. Over the years we have certainly developed a taste for several summer bulbs and recommend these favourites to many of our customers. From beginners to advanced gardeners, these summer bulbs are some of the easiest to grow and are, possibly, some of the most beautiful, if we do say so ourselves.



Offering an extended flowering period throughout the summer months, Dahlia is a trustworthy choice for those who want a guaranteed display of vibrant colours this summer. Available in a selection of varieties, some of our most popular, including the Dahlia Cactus 'Alfred Grille', typically begin flowering from July onwards, and will remain in their best condition until around October.

Planting Dahlia anytime before May provides optimum growth, allowing them to grow long and tall.

Something we love about Dahlia is their unique thin and long petals that appear to curl backwards at the ends. Creating an eye-catching display of stunning, vibrant colours.



A great option if you are planning to bring life to your pots and containers. Freesia bulbs are ideal for planning in pots and containers and will flower between mid-late summer.

What’s more Freesia flowers not only provide a bright mix of bold yellows, pinks, purples and reds but also are a stunning summer scent to your garden. A reason so many gardeners are keen to introduce them to their garden throughout the summer months.

Our double mixed bulbs selection provides you with 10 bulbs to plant that should be planted no later than June.



Flowering between June-August, Gladioli is a flower synonymous with British summer time. Available in both stunning fresh whites, and also bright colours, Gladioli are an excellent choice for attracting wildlife to your garden this summer. Attractive to both bees and butterflies, planting Gladioli bulbs no later than May will guarantee you a summer garden that is frequently visited by summer wildlife, but also looks incredibly colourful.

One point to consider when planting your Gladioli bulbs is to ensure they are planted in an area of your garden with full sun or partial shade.


Oriental Lilies

Striking flowers that bring joy to any garden, Oriental Lilies can be planted in both containers, borders, and pots, being placed around your garden for a show of striking colour and elegant flowers. What’s more, they make for wonderful cut flowers and can create a stunning homegrown bouquet of flowers to give to a loved one or to brighten a space in your home.

Be sure to plant your Oriental Lilies in partial shade of a sunny spot of your garden for the best chances of blooming and a wonderful summer fragrance for your garden. 

For more of our favourite summer bulbs and to order your selection of summer flowering bulbs online for fast delivery, check out our range online today.

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