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by One Click Plants January 26, 2021 2 min read

When summer bulbs are mentioned, we are talking about bulbs that grow and flower in the summer-time and the same if we were talking about spring bulbs, they would be planted earlier on to bloom in the spring. Bulbs are inexpensive and if you love the garden then it’s a tremendous pass time as you focus on your garden project. Some of the most popular summer bulbs include Dahlias, Peonies, Begonias, Gladioliand Lilliesto name a few. Summer bulbs often can’t survive the frosty cold weather in the winter, therefore they should be lifted before the risk of frost and stored in a dry, frost-free place, they can then be replanted again in the spring.

When do I plant my summer bulbs?

Tender summer bulbs such as Gladioliare typically planted in the spring so they can miss any cold weather, but hardy summer bulbs like Liliesand Alliums can be planted in September/October. Most summer bulbs will thrive in warm soil and toasty sun so if you live in a warm to mild climate you can plant them earlier on in spring but if you live in a cold climate like the majority of the UK then planting later on in spring/ early summer is your best option. Some people start to plant them indoors at a warm temperature then move them outdoors when there is no risk of frost. You can speed up and enhance growth of the bulbs by regularly applying all-purpose fertilizer, this will help gain more and better flowers.

Where can I plant my summer bulbs?

Summer bulbs can be planted in borders, beds and containers, we recommend planting them in soil which can be directly hit by sun and out of the wind but this can vary depending on each variety of bulb and so can the placement depth, this can be found on the instructions of your bulbs. Bulbs are fast growers and often grown together as groups so keen gardeners often plant them in between slower growing shrubs to fill gaps in their borders or beds.

How to plant summer bulbs?

As a rule of thumb, we say to plant the bulbs three times as deep as their size. This can be done by trowel or quicker using a bulb planter.  We also recommended filling them in with compostor manure, this will help them grow and store energy. Each variety of bulb has different requirements so it’s good practice to read the label of the instructions before planting.

Further comments… 

On a whole, summer bulbs are inexpensive, fast growing and very rewarding. Summer bulbs are extremely popular and it’s recommended that you purchase them as soon as possible as they aren’t restocked until the following year and the popular varieties often sell out first. We hope this blog has helped you in planting summer bulbs, if you have any questions for us email us atinfo@oneclickplants.co.uk

Thank you and happy gardening :)

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