Plants for Sun

Our great collection of plants for the sun are the perfect choice for sunny spots in your garden. Whether you have a particularly sun-kissed garden or small patches of your garden that are blessed with regular sunlight, these plants are certain to thrive in your garden. 

Some of these plants actually require full sunlight for the majority of the day in order to grow to their full potential. Meaning you must be able to provide them the sunniest area of your garden, whether this is a sunny border or potted in a bright area of your patio. Our range of plants for sun include Petunias, Geraniums, Gladioli, and citrus fruit plants. Some of which will even enjoy a south-facing balcony, if you only have limited outdoor space. 

When it comes to caring for plants for sun, or full sun plants, it is important to remember that different types and varieties will have various watering requirements. Pay attention to how much water each of your sun-loving plants need to ensure they continue to thrive as they take in the warmth and light of the sun’s rays. Take a look at our range below to find an incredible variety of sun plants with blooms in an array of beautiful shades to brighten any space in your garden.