Plants for Sandy Soil

While sandy soil is gritty and poor at retaining moisture, it offers several different benefits that gardeners with sandy soil will enjoy over gardeners with clay soils. The loose texture of sandy soil makes it incredibly easy to work with and cultivate, making digging and planting far easier. However, when planting in sandy soil it is important to carefully consider plants that are suitable for sandy soil. 

Plants that thrive well with a limited amount of water will do best in sandy soils. Mediterranean plants and herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary, Sage, and Cistus are accustomed to growing in drier conditions and therefore will thrive in sandy soil. Other plants for sandy soil include, Our collection of plants for sandy soil includes an incredible variety of plants, herbs, and shrubs that will love your garden’s sandy soil. Take a look below to shop high quality sandy soil plants, available to purchase online for direct delivery to your home from our Lancashire nursery.