9cm/1L Perennials

Our collection of 9cm and 1L perennials provides different groups of pot sizes with a variety of beautiful perennials at different stages of growth. Depending on how much you wish to nurture your perennials, varieties of pot sizes make it possible to choose the perfect amount of growth you desire. These 9cm and 1L perennials are early into the growth stage and will require some additional nurturing to get them to bloom. If you are interested in caring for younger perennials this collection is perfect for you. 

We have a range of 9cm and 1L perennials including varieties of popular Scabiosa, Hosta, Verbena, Gypsophila, Poppy, and Lupin. Shop from our range of carefully selected, hand-picked perennials below for high quality plants that are prepared to be delivered directly to your garden from our nursery.