Common/Cherry Laurel | Laurel Hedging Plants |

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Cherry Laurel is the most commonly planted hedging that there is. It is very easy to grow and maintain, it is very popular and is known for its large, glossy leaves. Laurels grow approximately 30-60cm per year. We recommend planting 1-2ft apart to form a dense hedge. 

You will receive very bushy, high quality laurels just like our photos.

Size 1: Supplied at a height of 45cm-50cm (including growers pot), pot width 11cm
Size 2: Supplied at a height of 65-75cm (2.5ft approx), growers pot width 16cm

  • Sunlight Position: Full Sun/ Part Shade or shade. 
  • Soil: Moist but well drained and acidic soil is preferred but not necessary. 
  • Hardiness: Very hardy