Plant Your Own - Autumn & Winter Flowering Pot (Silver/Grey Effect)


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£27.99 per pot or buy 2 pots for £50.00

Plant your own Autumn & Winter Flowering Pot

This pot is perfect for placing either side of a doorway or on the patio throughout the Autumn and Winter months. The pansies and violas in the pot will flower until March/April 2022 with the correct care. We have also included some Daffodil Bulbs, we recommend underplanting with the Daffodil Bulbs in the pot to further prolong the flowering display. The Cordyline is evergreen.

This fantastic bundle includes:
1 Bag of Multi Purpose Compost with 6 months feed (Enough to fill the pot)
1 Cordyline (Supplied in a 11cm growers pot, height including pot. 50cm)
1 Heather (Supplied in a 10cm growers pot)
1 Cyclamen (Supplied in a 10cm growers pot)
4 Pansies (Supplied in 10cm growers pots, these are young plants but will still provide beautiful blooms)
1 Primula (Supplied in 10cm growers pot)
1 Plastic Pot (27cm x 33cm) 
With the Cordyline planted in the pot measures (27cm x 75cm) 
4 Daffodil Bulbs

Please note colours of the Heather, Cyclamen and Pansies may vary from our photo


We have a video on how we planted this pot on our Instagram and Facebook page @oneclickplants