Monstera Deliciosa (Swiss Cheese) 55-65cm Tall

  • Size supplied at: 14cm pot width, 55-65cm height.

  • Description:  A very popular house plant which despite its very tropical looking appearance is actually very, very easy to look after. It produces very large beautiful green and sometimes wild rubbery leaves. It is perfect for creating a statement piece within the home. Fast growing. Position in bright, indirect light and water weekly. 

  • Sunlight Position: Position in light shade to bright indirect light, although they will grow faster in direct light

  • Feed: General houseplant feed fertilizer monthly.

  • Care:  No real pruning needed, however trimming may be required if you wish. This Monstera is very low maintenance and easy to care for. Misting every few days is ideal. Do not over water, check the soil weekly and if it is dry at the top 2 inches then give a little water.

    Please note - Decorative pot (if pictured) is not included and images are for decorative purposes only and due to the age and the time of year, plants may not arrive looking like our photo.