Low Maintenance Garden Selection

£115.00 £129.92

We have carefully selected a selection of flowering plants and shrubs to give you a beautiful, low maintenance display. If all of these plants were purchased individually it would cost £129.92 however this bundle costs £115.00 (Including Free Standard Delivery). 

You will receive:

- 1 Hosta (2L Growers Pot, Pot width 17cm)
- 1 Campanula (1L Growers Pot)
- 1 Blue Grass (14cm growers pot)
- 3 Lavenders (1L Growers Pot)
- 1 Hydrangea  'White Ball' (5L Growers Pot, Pot width 22cm)
- 1 Vinca (16cm growers pot, 2L)
- 1 Fatsia Japonica Spiders Web (2L Growers pot, 17cm pot width)
- 1 Skimmia (2L Growers Pot, 17cm pot width)
- 1 Geum (1L Pot