Black Friday Perennial Mega Deal (As Low As £2.80 Per Plant)

£21.00 £35.94

You will receive a mixed selection of beautiful hardy perennials that are supplied in either a 1L or 1.5L pot. Perennials come back year after year making them excellent investments in your garden displays. This offer is exclusive of our Black Friday Sale.

These perennials can be planted all year round providing the ground is not frozen or waterlogged at time of planting. If you would prefer to wait until the weather gets warmer to plant your perennials, then you can leave them in the growers pots until March/April. 

These Perennial can be planted in beds and borders and containers 

This mix is random and will be hand select by the member of our team picking your order

Images are for illustrative purposes only and due to the time of the year plants may not arrive looking like our images