Senecio 'Angel Wings' Evergreen Hardy Compact Garden Shrub Plant 2L

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Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ is a fabulous foliage perennial which has received lots of awards, and quite rightly so! This plant has large, silvery white leaves which have a soft, velvety feel making it perfect for sensory gardens. Grown primarily for its striking foliage, this fast growing plant will thrive in a sunny spot. It can be planted in containers, sunny borders and rockeries. This low maintenance plant also becomes drought tolerant once established. Senecio ‘Angel Wings’ is hardy but may need protection if the temperature drops below -5 degrees.

  • Size supplied: 2L Growers Pot (17cm growers pot width)
  • Sunlight Position: Full/part sun
  • Soil: Well drained soil, this plant does not like moist soil
  • Hardiness: Hardy perennial, may need protection if temperatures drop below -5 degrees 

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