How to plant a rose

How to plant a rose

The following instructions are suitable for planting a potted rose

Roses are a beautiful addition to the garden, they can also hold great sentimental value. They often have celebratory names such as Silver Wedding, Especially For You and Mum In a Million making roses the perfect gift. There are various forms of roses: climbing, patio and shrub roses being some of them. Roses are very easy to grow as long as certain basic needs are met - They should be grown in well drained soil, in a sunny spot (at least 4 hours of sun per day), you should fertilize the rose throughout the growing season, monitor it for diseases and prune the rose.

When to plant roses?

Containerised and container-grown roses can be planted all year round, providing that the ground isn’t frozen or too dry. 

Where’s best to plant my rose?

Most roses need at least 4 hours of sun per day but some will grow well in partial shade. They should also be planted in a fairly sheltered position. They mostly need moist but well-drained soil. Please see the instructions on the label for the individual needs of the rose. Roses can be planted in a container but it is important as always to feed your rose throughout the growing season. 


How to plant my rose?

Firstly, when your rose arrives you should give it a good drink of water, water it generously prior to planting. Secondly you need to prepare the soil by removing any weeds or large stones,  this will allow the rose roots to establish and move into their new home. Then you must dig a hole big enough for the rose roots - we would recommend digging a hole at least twice the size of the pot the rose has arrived in. Once you have dug the hole we would recommend placing either some Farm Yard Manure or a slow release plant food such as Bone Meal. You should then carefully remove the rose from the growers pot and carefully position the rose in the soil. You should then carefully back fill with the soil that was dug out to make the hole for the rose. When this has been done, firm the soil around the rose either with your hands or feet. Finally, then you should give your rose another water. 

How to care for my roses throughout the year

We would recommend feeding your rose at the beginning of the growing season (Late March/Early April approx) and after the first blooming cycle has finished, this will encourage stronger blooms and repeat flowers.

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